How To Make a Raised Garden Bed

sourced from The Urban Farmer

raised-garden-bedsA raised bed garden can be used for yards that have poor soil and drainage problems. The idea of a raised bed is to build above ground, where you don’t have to battle against poor soil and bad drainage, where you have total control over the soil texture, contents and drainage.
What is a Raised Bed Garden?
A raised bed garden is a garden that is above ground and contained in an area with high sides. The gardener walks between the beds and it is a very organized way to garden. It can be any depth you choose and can be used for virtually anything you wish to plant. Herbs grown in raised beds have an advantage over in the ground growing for a few reasons.

Late Winter Planting Ideas

Sourced from The Urban Farmer
lettuce-300x225It’s time for garden catalogs to arrive in the mail! January is a great time to start planning what you will be planting in your garden. Look through your catalogs and find the vegetable seeds for your garden. Some flower varieties should be started in January. In a warmer environment you can plant certain vegetables but must be ready for a frost. Indoor herbs are always great to grow in a sunny windowsill. [Read more…]

Winterize Your Yard for Wildlife Friends

snowsquirrelThough you may be dreaming of Spring blossoms already, winter will still be around for a few more months and there are bound to be several cold snowy or rainy days. Now is the time to assess our backyard gardens to see how wildlife-friendly they are – or could be – with a little human help. By providing food, water, cover, and places for wildlife to raise their young, backyard gardeners can make a difference, even during the cold winter months. [Read more…]

Winterizing Your Plants

Winter sun and wind can have devastating drying effects on shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous. Flower and leaf buds will dry and die and evergreen foliage will discolor. Other causes of discoloration are from salt spray, lack of cold hardiness, and lack of moisture. You can ease them through this difficult time by using plants that are hardy in your zone and by taking some preventive measures in the late fall and early winter. [Read more…]